“Martin Lee Associates were a joy to work with. They showed themselves quick to understand and support the architect’s concept and had an unwavering desire to achieve quality down to the finest detail. It is obvious they have a clear, sound management structure with people at every level who understand their roles and want to do a great job. All of these qualities are exceptional in the industry in our experience.”

John Lee, Arca

“We’ve worked with MLA for the best part of ten years now and we remain impressed by their commitment to excellence in every aspect of their work. Martin and Peter approach our projects with great integrity – and an equally great sense of humour, especially when things don’t quite go to plan. Plus, they never present us with a problem without having already worked out a solution. Their best quality? – they make us look good!”

David Gallagher, DGA Architects

“Our buildings require a high degree of care and accuracy during the construction process and we have every confidence in Martin and his team, who always understand the architectural – as well as practical – considerations. We have enjoyed the refreshing honesty and candour with which MLA approach our projects and believe they add far more than just the sum of the parts!”

Michael Drain, Michael Drain Architects

“The clever thing is they know where to put emphasis, where to spend the money, where design should be focussed”

Fay Sweet, Architectural Journalist & Evening Standard Awards Judge

“I didn’t expect to like it, but I really enjoyed its subtlety. Elements from street furniture have been slicked up; on one level it’s restrained, a bit Zen-like and modernist and then it’s roughed up.”

Iain Borden - The Guardian

“They are not claim hungry, and that’s very important. They will work beyond the detailing and have an intelligent, reliable and interactive approach to their work.”

Matthew Lloyd - Matthew Lloyd Architects

“Even in the most unpromising circumstances he can pull a rabbit out of a hat.”

Faye Sweet - Architectural Journalist

“Three things really sum them up: quality, intelligence and care. They have a good eye for design combined with excellent craftsmanship. They really cared about their work and were proactive in suggesting improvements and solutions. Martin is impressive: he can engage on design at an intelligent level as well as on a logistical level.”

Richard Hanney - Land Use Consultants

“This job epitomises their approach as a company. They go beyond just the contracting aspect of the job: they have a universal approach to design, an eye for what looks good and they understand what you are trying to achieve with the design. Being concerned about the client and forming the bridge between the client and the design team is their real strength.”

Derek Wylie - Architect on Chows Restaurant

“I think it’s a wonderful job. It’s not only the overall spaces they create which are amazing… but down to the finest detail, it’s perfect in every way, I think.”

Rob Bevan - Building Design Magazine